At HRP we recognise the pressure and uncertainty that senior leaders are facing, change and challenge has always and will always be been around.

Our passion is about enabling high performance during tough times - energising leaders to reach their potential and maximise results by empowering them to ADJUST, ADVANCE and ACHIEVE during times of uncertainty.


About this programme...

Our AAA Programme has been designed specifically with senior leaders, experiencing significant change and challenge in mind.

The programme - a series of targeted outcomes achieved through a series of modules and exercises that are easy to understand and simple to implement again and again, now and in the future. 

Our courses contain a series of strength-based practical exercises that are backed up by science and validated by our teams many years of practical leadership experience.

Two methods of delivery…

  1. Our coach-led course – is a unique and flexible coaching approach, that combines autonomous digital platform-based learning content with 121 expert coaching, that puts you in control of your progression and how much support you want and need.
  2. Our digital self-led course – is for autonomous learning. All the content you would experience through our 121 coach-lead programmes but instead your transformational journey is on a digital, self-paced, self-managed basis. 

It all starts with Adjust...

We want you to have absolute clarity about what drives you, your values, motivations and strengths, to establish a foundation built on self awareness that enables you to clarify your picture of success for the future. So you can lead with greater purpose, create more purposeful teams and subsequently get better results for your people, your organisation, and crucially yourself, by achieving more purposeful outcomes. 

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Take a look inside...

What to expect...

  • Define your leadership identity – who you are now and who you need to be in the future
  • Create that thinking spaceto build, shape and define your vision, taking a more strategically agile approach in times of uncertainty –
  • Get a ready-to-go, structured strategic action-plan framework ensuring you go from theory to practice
  • Access modules, exercises, videos & practical worksheets.
  • Experience a globally renowned strengths based psychometric profiler – a registered test with the British Psychology Society – those report outputs are yours to keep!

Adjust & Find Purpose – is much more than traditional executive coaching.

Unlike traditional coaching this programme is a transformational leadership journey, to help leaders not only thrive – but deliver bigger and better results quicker than ever before.


The inspiration...

Hi! My name's Hector and I’m the founder of Helping Reach Potential.

Having spent a large proportion of my career leading teams through constant change and challenge, I began to realise that coaching and developing others who are under pressure really energised me – and I was also quite good at it! For me there is nothing more rewarding than inspiring and empowering people to reach their potential, regardless of the demands they are facing.  

And that’s where the inspiration for AAA came from – I realised through coaching Senior Leaders, who face significant change and lots of challenge, for them to truly succeed, they need a team and network of expertise around them that includes an effective external coach – who can guide, challenge and support them through their very own transformational development journey.  

So working with the amazing team here at HRP that’s what we have created and I’m excited to get started with you on your journey to AdjustAdvance and Achieve in times of uncertainty.  





  • Digital Coaching Content
  • Weekly Developmental Journey
  • Engaging instructional videos, exercises & worksheets
  • Practical exercises, backed up by science
  • Ready-to-go, structured strategic action-plan framework 
  • BPS registered Strengths Psychometric 360 Profiler


from £1595


  • All the benefits of the Self Led digital course
  • 121 Coaching with a highly qualified executive coach
  • Coaching sessions delivered using remote technology, scheduled at your convenience
  • Choose the number of coaching sessions you want and need –  2, 4 or 8
  • Get the added confidence that HRP will help manage your progress and your achievement of a successful outcome



on application

  • Like what you see but have some specific needs or requirements?

    Perhaps you’d like:

    More 121 coaching sessions?
    Topic specific team sessions to help bring your people along on your journey?
    Psychometric Profiling for your Leadership Team?
    Specific modules & exercises that address your personal developmental goals?

What you will achieve...


✓ Release your unique energy & strengths in role

✓ Connect and lead with greater meaning

✓ Discover more about your go to emotions - to access accurate self-knowledge

✓ Use your go to emotions to your advantage instead of being used by them

✓ Discover and optimise your Leadership Strengths

Be inspired to make changes that lead to better outcomes

✓ Increase your workplace satisfaction and overall psychological well-being

Enhance your emotional intelligence to inspire and empower people

✓ Increase your psychological capital - fulfil and reach your leadership potential

Deliver even more effectively and efficiently than before - speed to leadership maturity


What our customers say about us...

"I am lucky to have experienced HRP’s AAA programme. The content is just what senior leaders need in those first 6 to 12 months of a new role, when everything can feel a little overwhelming and you are trying to grapple with so many variables as well as defining a plan!"

"The AAA Coaching Programme is a highly practical and engaging evidence-based program that helped me address some of my flawed habitual thought processes – all has helped me build more resilience to cope with the demands of my role!"

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