At Helping Reach Potential we offer a range of flexible blended learning & coaching solutions...


and that means we are better equipped to create and deliver optimum development experiences that create powerful business results.

Our Purpose 

Realising people potential through Transformational Leadership


Hi! My name's Hector and I’m the founder of Helping Reach Potential.

Having spent a large proportion of my career leading teams through constant change and challenge, I began to realise that leading and coaching others really energised me – and I was also quite good at it!  For me there is nothing more rewarding than inspiring and empowering people to reach their potential, regardless of the demands they are facing.  

When the opportunity arose to set up on my own I grasped it with both hands, relishing the chance to share all I have experienced together with my more formal education & learnings. 

Hector’s passion is to help develop leadership mastery – enabling leaders to balance that drive for results with humility for their people. 

Our Approach 

Our expert team have combined the very  latest technologies  with the very  best learning, coaching and team development content,  to create products that are  highly interactive, engaging  and  thought  provoking. 

 As a learner we give you access to learn autonomously through our digital platform, enabling you to grow and develop at your own pace, with options to accelerate your learning through 121 coaching support or team and group facilitation. 

Our Intention  

It’s our intention to bring the very latest in learning and development sciences through our products and services that help you invest in your people, inspiring change and enabling the achievement of your strategic business goals. 

Our Products


Self Led

  • Digital coaching content
  • Engaging instructional videos, exercises & worksheets
  • Practical exercises, backed up by science
  • Strengths Profiling
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Coach Led

  • Supported by digital coaching content
  • 121 coaching with a highly qualified executive coach
  • Coaching sessions delivered using remote technology and/or in person 
  • Strengths Profiling
  • Get the added confidence that HRP will help you achieve successful outcomes
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  • Choose Self Led or Coach Led
  • Supported with digital coaching content
  • Specific modules & exercises that address your personal developmental goals
  • Include bespoke team sessions with your coaching journey
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We design & expertly deliver high performance group & team sessions 

  • Clarify your unique team brand & purpose
  • Discover & optimise team strengths 
  • Implement effective strategies to build a dynamic, collaborative and high performing team
  • Create more solutions focused & agile mindsets 
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Our Team:

Cat Williams

Cat maintains that when we believe in ourselves, we can accomplish anything. Cat brings this philosophy into everything she does and, combined with a natural tenacity, flexibility and creative flair, Cat will inspire you to stop at nothing to reach your goals.

Angela Ryrie

Angela is collaborative in style, helping develop individuals and teams to perform at their best through harnessing their strengths and unique qualities. Angela’s particularly energised empowering others to create new behavioural habits that serve them well now and for the future. Angela’s clients often describe her coaching style as calm, positive, focussed and very practical.

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca’s experience as a psychologist influences her approach; using an evidence based approach to any project, bringing in critical analysis and insights from science to provide rich yet pragmatic solutions in an engaging style. Rebecca’s clients value her ability to listen deeply, her empathy and her honesty in helping them identify and develop strengths and capabilities. 

Karen Riva-Palacio

With over 20 years experience working in the technical service management sphere, supporting public and private sector customers. Karen's expertise centre around project management, service design & process. She is passionate about efficient & effective process design especially when combined with the latest technologies.

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Hector ran a session for our team and I found it one of the best, if not the best, I've ever attended. It was so well facilitated, got us thinking and focussed, and he did a superb job of group facilitating and coaching individuals through the two days. I shall be recommending Hector to many of our industry peers. Thank You Hector!

Nathan Perrot - VP Digital Strategy 

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